Qblox instruments are sensitive pieces of equipment, which under no circumstances should be opened. The Cluster contains high-voltage parts which are dangerous. The end user shall not install substitute parts or perform any modification to the product. Opening the instruments immediately voids the warranty provided by Qblox.


The supplied mains power cord of the cluster should be used with the product. In case the cord becomes damaged it should always be replaced with a cord of the same or better ratings.


All Cluster modules are equipped with a CR2016 battery. The CR2016 batteries of the Cluster modules can be replaced by the end user. To replace a CR2016 battery: extract the module from the Cluster, remove the old battery at the bottom side of the module, and insert the new battery. After replacing the battery the module can be inserted back into the Cluster.


Beware to handle the boards in an ESD-safe manner!


The Cluster is double fused and these fuses can be found in the mains socket. To extract the fuses no tooling is needed and the fuse tray can be extracted by hand.

The rating of the fuses used in the Clusters mains socket is dependent on the rated voltage of the mains network. For a 110 Volt supply a 10A fuse must be used. For a 230 Volt supply, the 5A fuse must be used. For all ratings a time-delayed fuse must be used.


For voltages between 110 Volt and 230 Volt, the rating can be linearly interpolated.