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Welcome to Qblox Documentation#

Welcome to the Qblox documentation page!

The published documentation can be found here.

Qblox develops fully-integrated quantum control stacks for qubit control and readout. This documentation is a manual for Qblox Instruments, the necessary driver package to control the hardware.

Qblox Instruments is an open-source software layer to write Q1ASM programs to control Qblox Cluster and SPI modules. Q1ASM is Qblox’s low-level language to control Cluster and SPI electronics, generating and acquiring electrical pulses to operate qubits in a wide range from DC to 18.5 GHz.

Qblox Instruments is based on Python and QCoDeS drivers, a commonly-used driver and parameters package in major quantum computing labs. Therefore, Qblox Instruments is compatible with third-party hardware that uses QCoDeS drivers. Qblox Instruments can also be used as an API layer if the Qblox hardware control needs to be implemented into the user’s software framework.

This documentation provides information about the general descriptions of the modules, their digital and analog architecture, API reference commands and tutorials to explain hardware functionalities. Examples are given for typical use cases on qubit control and readout.

This software is free to use under the conditions specified in the license.

For more information, do not hesitate to get in touch with support@qblox.com.

getting started image
Getting Started

Handling and installation instructions.

Getting started

User guide image
User Guide

Detailed user guide for Qblox products.

User Guide

Tutorials image

Tutorials for Q1ASM and Quantify.


Application examples image
Application Examples

In depth examples for specific applications, ready for use.

Application Examples

API reference image
API Reference

A detailed description of the functions, modules, and objects included in the qblox_instruments software package.

API Reference